Labour: No Ceasefire, No Vote

In 2024, as the world witnesses a genocide taking place in real-time, with over 28,000 Palestians killed at the time of writing, it is absolutely shameful that the British Labour Party is not backing calls for an immediate ceasefire.

MPs have not been given a free vote, and when ceasefire motions have passed through parliament, MPs who have voted for them have either been forced to resign or been sacked.

As the UK gears up for a general election this year, it’s time to remind MPs, party staff and canvassers that their electorate doesn’t want representatives with blood on their hands.

I will have a number of risograph prints available soon for anyone based in Manchester (UK) that wants one, which will be available for free (collection only). If you are part of a group that can distribute, please get in touch via my contact page.

If you have access to a printer or a risograph, download the files for this poster here (A3, CMYK and 2-colour risograph separations available).

If you don’t have access to a printer, a set of digital files suitable for sharing on social media is available here. Please redirect people to this page so more people can download the print files when sharing online or in message groups etc. Tag me @cutwerk when sharing online or take a photo of your print on display and I will re-share on Instagram.

Free Palestine.

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