N18 Creative Response — Multiverse Arcade

Multiverse Arcade resonated with me due to its setting in a future environment and the genuine connection that the piece makes with visitors, rather than them simply being observers. It gave me the opportunity to think about how I would communicate some of the thoughts and ideas that visitors had recorded in their messages as a response to the event.

I’ve chosen to imagine a future government communicating messages about big social projects, which have positive outcomes for individuals and society as a whole.

I would like to thank Si Canaway of Supanaught Studio for his time, patience, invaluable advice and help in bringing this project to fruition.

In Multiverse Arcade, visitors to the Miners Institute step into a world of messages and glimpses from the future, and are then invited to answer the question: What will you do when you’re in charge?


Soundwaves are a key aspect of the work. On the posters, you can see part, or all of an audio waveform. This was generated by analysing a recording of myself saying the word, or words in the title of the poster. Below you can see the process from taking a high-resolution screenshot of the waveform in Adobe Audition to creating 3D extrusions used on some of the posters.

At the bottom of the GOVCOM. posters, there is a panel containing a spectral frequency analysis of the aforementioned audio recording. They have been tinted to match the colour scheme of the posters, but are quite beautiful in their own right. A selection are shown below.

© Glen Cutwerk 2020