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Shipping is added at checkout, based on envelope size. Currently three envelope sizes and one tube size are available: A5, A4, A3, and A2. The shipping costs for these are as follows:

A5 - UK £1.50 / EU £3.00
A4 - UK £2.00 / EU £4.00
A3 - UK £3.50 / EU £6.00
A2 - UK £7.00 / EU £12.00

You can mix and match up to 10 prints of any size and only need to pay once for shipping. Please select the appropriate shipping cost based on the size of the largest item you have ordered, e.g. 2 x A4 prints and 1 x A3 print requires an A3 envelope.

Orders are shipped weekly on Saturdays.

If you have any questions about ordering, or don’t see a postage option for your location, please get in touch at orders@glencutwerk.com

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